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UNIQUE Traditional Trophies

You can also order a more traditional type trophy such as a cup, shield, medal and figurine all with your own UNIQUE touch.

We can supply an extensive range of trophies and presentation pieces covering any sport, any occasion.  Ask us to send you a copy of our current brochure.  We are happy to discuss any ideas you may have to make a success of your special events.  The photographs shown show just a small selection from the range.


We can also provide engraving services on both metal, plastics and glass including corporate logos or club emblems.


Special Commission Welsh Dragon, an example of  Laser  Profile Cutting, mounted on  Steel or Wood bases.  Profiles can be cut to any shape.  Contact us for further details of what can be done.

Glass engraving,  we can supply an extensive range of glass,  and glassware, which can be engraved with Company logos or club badges etc to personalise presentation awards.  Boxes provide with commissions.


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