Railway Maintenance
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Railway repair scene featuring a Hydrex Roadrailer model.  This model was converted from a standard Case 988 model excavator.  Miniature scene features authentic Track repair personnel  and driver in the cab. 1 gallon bottle

Railway maintenance scene featuring  a Rexquote Megarailer Excavator. Miniature railtrack personnel.  Mounted in 1 gallon bottle,  commissioned by Rexquote to present to a Key Customer

Model featuring Hydrex Roadrailer and flatbed wagon with two golf balls mounted on it.  Commissioned by Hydrex for a charity golf tournament.  1 gallon bottle on polished hardwood stand and engraved plaque

Larger scale model featuring a Fuchs Loader Excavator loading gravel into railway wagons. Commissioned to present to Yeoman Group.  Mounted on polished hardwood base with protective glass cover

Hydrex Roadrailer in London Underground track maintenance scene with  trackside repair gang.  Mounted in 1 gallon bottle

Construction, demolition, excavation, quarrying, pipe laying, land fill agricultural scenes etc., can feature model wheeled or excavators, face loaders, bulldozers, tractors etc. The models or scenes can feature your own Company name or that of your customers. These models make UNIQUE Corporate presentations, guaranteed to keep your company's name on display all the year round in boardrooms or reception areas in you customers' premises.

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